Jason Collins

Graduating from UEA back in 2007 with a Music degree I naturally thought that would be my chosen career. Little did I know that 10+ years on I would have had the amazing opportunities which have led to the creation of this company, Cantaria. 

'Quote from Clare'


It all began during what proved to be my last year running The Fisher Theatre (Bungay). During a conversation with Annabel & Rupert, who own Earsham Hall, the subject of the Tearooms there came up, and for some wonderful reason, I ended up running it! And this is how a whole new career began. It proved not possible to continue at the theatre as I was struggling to divide myself with these two full time commitments so I took the leap into the unknown and became self employed, back in 2015. 

Since then it has culminated in owning a Tearooms, Cafe & Wine Bar but with many personal life changes just the Tearooms remains with many more offshoots. 

Music Teaching (Privately & in Schools), Musical Director, Accompanist, Outside Catering for Private Parties, Funeral Gatherings, Luncheons for Organisations, Meals on Wheels and running Events in Norfolk & Suffolk. 

Cantaria Youth Choir

Formed 'officially' in 2016 due to one of the parents 'hassling me!' (not really) to setup a youth choir in Bungay. Our Town Reeve, Terry Reeve, agreed to back this project and raised £4500.00 in less than a year to enable Cantaria Youth Choir to offer fully funded places. Fundraising events were held throughout the year and it has been going from strength to strength. 

The choir have performed alongside Bungay Choral Society and have started to get a following of their own, which is great for the local community, and also a brilliant opportunity for the choir. 


Even though the youth choir is 'on-hold' there are so many people who need thanking and below are key people in the community who made it possible; Mr & Mrs. D. Pamplin, Mrs. C. Lugo, Mr & Mrs. M. Kingston, Mrs. M. Collins,

Mr. A. Jones, Ms. F. Swann, Mrs. J. Edmonds,  Mr & Mrs. R. Montagu & Mr. D. Brook

Support from local dignitaries; Mr. T. Reeve (Town Reeve 2015/16), Mr. E. Gaffney (Town Reeve  2016/17) & DanHIRE Trailers.